Travel Information: COVID-19 Update, Click for Details

BERKSIRE BEACH CLUB COVID-19 INFORMATION Berkshire Beach Club has a COVID-19 business plan in place. Disinfection and sanitation plan Physical distancing measures Protective gear masks, gloves, barriers Employee training on COVID-19 plan  Temperature and symptom checks on employees

1. The resort is open to owners, renters, and exchange guests.

2. You are to wear your facemask in the hallway; as well as when you exchange towels on Monday and Wednesday’s. (This is to protect the health and well-being of our staff; along with guests).

3. To enter the office, you are required to wear a facemask; any and all interaction with resort staff; you are to wear your facemask and practice social distancing.

4. To protect our staff, owners, renters and guests; Temperatures will be taken upon your arrival; at check-in.

5. Office, housekeeping, and maintenance staff will be scheduled as needed to maintain the resort and essential services while minimizing unnecessary interaction and exposure to others;

6. Policies and procedures regarding office hours, guest registration, housekeeping, maintenance, and use of the swimming pool, hot tub spa, and other amenities will be implemented in order to promote “social distancing” and other best practices in accordance with current CDC, federal, state, county and municipal governmental guidelines;

7. Beaches are open for full access to the public.

8. All owners, renters, exchange guests, staff, vendors, and any other business invitees are at all times required to comply with current local, state, and federal executive orders, rules, regulations, and guidelines regarding Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic. (Note that personal protective equipment is not provided by the resort.)

9. Stay home if you are sick with a cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever or chills or if you are currently under quarantine or isolation.

10. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer after contact with frequently touched surfaces.